TAC Process

TAC Recovery Days 4 & 5

I combined posts for Saturday and Sunday because I’m a mess so it is what it is. Day 4/Saturday was actually pretty great, I was able to manage on just ibuprofen and had very little pain most of the day.

But Day 5/Sunday was a whole different story! I was both nauseated AND had the worst sore throat all day. For those that don’t know, nausea is my least favorite feeling in the world ever, and I rarely get nauseated, even in pregnancy. So a day of relentless nausea, not helped by my prescribed Zofran, was terrible. Add on top of that a ridiculously sore throat (not sure if its from the surgery or just getting sick), and I was NOT a happy camper.

On the surgery side of things though, everything is continuing to get better. I’m not having much pain at all, just discomfort with stretching and some numbness from belly button to incision still. The incision itself seems to be healing well, though the glue stuff that they put on hasn’t come off yet. Not that I’m hoping it will, I’d like to keep that protection until the incision heals completely.

That’s all I’ve got for today, but please send prayers and ice cream for my poor throat!

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