TAC Process

TAC Recovery Day 3

I slept a good twelve hours last night, which was much needed. Today has been up and down with regards the pain. I spent most of the day on the couch, catching up with my bar exam studying and getting up to walk and snack every hour or so. I took some pain medication when I first woke up, and managed with ibuprofen for the rest of the afternoon, but I was still hazy for a good part of the day from the meds.

Jason headed out to his cousin’s for the weekend, after much insistence on my part that I would do perfectly well on my own. After all, my parents live right down the road and I have enough friends and family in the area to help if I need it. I made sure he stocked up the fridge and pantry before he headed out though! It’s been good having to get up on my own, its making more active, which is exactly what the doctor ordered.

I’ve still been a bit sleepy, either from the surgery or traveling or medication, so I took a couple of naps and watched a few episodes of Outlander as a study break. I’ve had more of an appetite today, which seems like a good sign for healing. Otherwise, there really isn’t too much to report today, other than my new-found hatred for coughing.

I thought I was finally able to manage on just ibuprofen, but then I had a small coughing fit for who knows what reason, and even with the pressure of my travel pillow in support, I was nearly brought to tears at the pain of it. Now the incisional pain and burning is much more pronounced than it has been, so I’ve settled myself into bed for the night and taken more pain medication to help see me through. It feels almost like a set back, but I’m trying to remember that recovery is not a marathon, and that I must listen to my body!

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