TAC Process

TAC Recovery Day 2

Today we made it home, with two bumpy car rides and a less than ideal plan trip, but we made it. The incisional discomfort and ab pain were manageable today, but the gas pain started today and that was pretty uncomfortable. But I did a ton of walking today and I feel like I’m on the road to recovery!

We checked out of the hotel at 11 AM and took an Uber to the airport. The traffic was bad, for no obvious reason, and the roads seemed terribly bumpy to my sensitive self. With the help of my firm travel pillow, I was able to make it through with temporary discomfort.

Once we got to the airport, I was determined to follow Dr Haney’s orders and make my way to the gate without a wheelchair. The security line wasn’t too long but the TSA agent was rushing me as I struggled to get my shoes off and my things onto the conveyor belt for scanning. I struggled and shuffled along best I could, and made it through scanning okay.

Of course our gate was at the opposite end of the terminal from security, so we stopped to take a few breaks as we walked there. There was a McDonalds right by our gate – the discharge papers said avoid fatty or fried foods but I was starving, so McDonalds it was. The rest of our time at the airport was uneventful, spent resting or walking.

Takeoff and landing were the bumpiest, and most uncomfortable, parts of the flight. With the help of my trust travel pillow and a lot of prayers, I suffered through those parts. I intentionally got us seats near the bathroom on the plane, so I got up to walk and use the restroom a few times, as needed. Our flight was short, not even 2 hours, and it was such a relief to get back home.

Jason got all my stuff set up on the couch and coffee table when we got back, and I passed out for a good two or three hours, exhausted after all that walking. But he helped me get into the bed, where I’m pretty comfortably lounging, ready for a good nights rest.

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