TAC Process

TAC Surgery Day

Posting this one a day behind because I was 100% out of it from the anesthesia and pain meds yesterday!

We got to DCAM for check in at 6 AM. After signing some paperwork, the nurse took me back to the pre-op room to answer questions and change into the world’s sexiest outfit – the untied hospital gown. After they let Jason back, ALL the people came to see me – Dr Haney, anesthesia people, research people, other nurses.

Around 7:30, they started to wheel me back to the operation room, and that is where my memory stops for a good 4 or 5 hours. I know many ladies who remember the operating room and counting down from 10, but I don’t remember any of it!

I woke up in recovery around 11 with essentially no pain, other than some minor ab soreness. The nurse got me ice chips and showed me how to use the dilaudid pump for pain, and then I hung around there, dozing on and off, until transport arrived to take me to my room.

Once in the room, they got me set up on more fluids and some vital checks, showed me how to work the TV, and explained what to eat and how to order. I called down to dining and ordered some chicken noodle soup and some mandarin oranges, just to get something in my stomach.

I only had one moment of nausea, I had just woken up and it came like a quick wave, with an odd salty taste in my mouth. I was also able to get up and walk twice, but otherwise spent the day in bed, calling friends & family or sleeping.

Jason went down to the cafe around 6 to get me some chicken tenders and fruit, but I was only able to have a bite or two before I fell asleep again. The anesthesia and pain meds had me sleeping pretty constantly.

Overall, surgery day was so much better than I expected. This being my first surgery, I had so idea what to expect so I was fearing the unknown. But between the amazing medical staff, Jason, and all my friends & family checking in, the whole thing turned out so well.

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