TAC Process

TAC Recovery Day 1

I woke up for the day around 3:30AM, and had some more dilaudid from the pump before the nurse came in to turn the IVs off and remove my catheter. After that was done, I went back to bed till 5:30 or so, when my nurse helped me up to pee by myself and gave me my first Percocet.

Around 7 or so, Dr Haney came by and explained everything that had been done. He had to make my incision a bit larger than normal because my misshaped uterus is wider than a normal uterus, but that was the only real unusual occurrence of the surgery. He was able to place three TAC bands, which together give my cervix around 130 lbs tensile strength – much more than I would ever need to support a pregnancy!

Dr Haney was very happy at how smoothly the surgery went, and told us that we were ready to leave the hospital as soon as I was able to pee and walk on my own, both of which I had done earlier in the morning. Dr Haney also got a picture of my uterus, it was cool to see the actual shape of it!

Today has brought some more pain than yesterday, but still nothing unmanageable. I’ve started to feel a burning sensation around the incision when I stand up, and my abs are a bit sore from getting up so often. I’m also a bit itchy from the dilaudid, and the nurses told me that was quite normal and would pass in time.

I haven’t had much of an appetite yet, but Jason & I grabbed a quick bite from Five Guys for lunch and Giordano’s for dinner. Otherwise, we’ve just spent a lazy day at the hotel, taking time to get up and walk as I can. We’re flying home tomorrow, so prayers for a smooth flight!

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