TAC Process

TAC – Pre-surgery Day

I’ll be blogging daily, as best I can, throughout the first week or so of my TAC (transabdominal cerclage) surgery journey – in part to write out all of my emotions, and in part to document this for any other women who have concerns about the process or just want to hear more. I’ve really enjoyed reading other women’s accounts of their surgery, and I’ve gotten so much good advice from those kinds of posts, so I want to share my own! But these posts will be 100% longer and more rambly than usual so fair warning.

We flew into O’Hare this morning (Monday) around 9 AM local time. After arriving at the airport, we Ubered to the hotel and checked our bags before heading into downtown. We’re staying at the Hyatt Place that’s about 1.5 miles away from the University of Chicago, since I’m having my surgery at the Duchossois Center for Advanced Medicine (DCAM) on campus. I had thought about staying downtown to be closer to all the sightseeing, but because we didn’t get the pre-approval from insurance until a week prior to surgery, we were left with pretty limited options when booking. This is only our first day in the hotel, but so far I’m pretty happy with our decision!

We grabbed brunch at the Mellow Yellow right around the corner before heading into the city proper. It was decent food for a decent price, but my poor Virginia heart was shocked to see a tax of 11.5% on our bill! After brunch, our first stop was Navy Pier, an amazing place for shopping and eating and drinking and just about anything else you’d like to do. After recommendations from nearly every Dr. Haney patient in my TAC group, we decided to do the architectural boat tour of the city, offered by Shoreline Sightseeing. It was just as amazing as we had heard, and I found myself wishing my parents had been able to tag along and see all of it.

We grabbed lunch at Navy Pier before shopping around, mostly searching for a Chicago Christmas ornament. Jason and I try to get an ornament from every place we visit together, so I was glad to find a new one to commemorate this trip. After some more shopping and exploring, we Ubered back to the hotel and checked in, and Jason promptly fell asleep for a much-needed nap. I sat down to knock out some work, because preparing for the bar exam never really ends.

I had to stop eating and drinking at least 9 hours beforehand, and of course I wasn’t sure if they meant 9 hours starting before the surgery time or before check-in, so I planned to stop at 9 PM just to be safe. So once Jason got up, we went over to the Jolly Pumpkin and had a nice final meal together. I took a shower back at the hotel, because I know it’ll be a few days before I’m comfortable showering so I’m trying to minimize the stink. We’re about to tuck in for the night, since tomorrow is an early morning.

I’m not feeling particularly emotional one way or another today, but I’m sure it’ll all hit me when we get to DCAM for the surgery tomorrow. That’s all for today, folks! Prayers as we move forward in this journey!

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