Pregnancy Loss


My bereavement counselor called on Tuesday and I really meant to blog about the call then, but I got wrapped up in packing – T-minus 8 days till the move!

Anyhow, after we delivered Omie, my awesome nurses gave me tons of mementos, information on support groups, flowers, etc. and asked if I wanted to be contacted by their bereavement counselor. I was hesitant at the time because I couldn’t imagine talking to a stranger about Omie (or Noah) but nearly 3 months later, I am so, so glad that I said yes.

I’ve only spoken with my counselor three or four times at this point, but each and every conversation has been amazing. We talk about Omie and Noah, about grief, about healing, about anything and everything under the sun. She asks (sincerely) about any recommendations I have for the hospital, for my OBGYN, for anybody involved in the process, to make anything better or even the tiniest bit easier for loss parents.

This week, I told her about my upcoming TAC surgery (only 2 months left!!) and our future TTC (trying to conceive) plans. We discussed my current fears & feelings about TTC’ing again. And then she explained & emphasized the support that I would receive from her, from the hospital, and from our entire medical team in our next pregnancy.

Many moms-to-be worry about bothering the doctors or calling at every symptom or just worrying too much. But any loss momma can tell you, those fears & anxieties multiply in a rainbow pregnancy – and it is SO important to have a supportive medical team to manage that anxiety and ensure good mental health for momma. My sweet counselor reminded me that our hospital is open 24/7, that they will be there for me EVERY day no matter what, and that I can come in for a check whenever I need it, even just to hear a lil heartbeat & help manage anxiety.

Some healthcare providers don’t recognize (or don’t care) how important mental health is in pregnancy! There’ve been studies on studies about the negative impacts of stress in pregnancy, not to mention risks of PPD and the inability to take many anxiety or depression meds during pregnancy. I am so blessed to have a team that intimately understands the emotions & stressors I will deal with in our next pregnancy, and is dedicated to supporting me at every step of this journey, in every way.

No groundbreaking truth or moral today, just feeling so blessed, today and every day. ❤️

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