love love love

I love that Jason was so happy from the first positive pregnancy test, even knowing things might not work out. I love how excited he got when talking about his plans for Omie, all the things they’d do together. I love the way Jason fought for Omie’s life, never giving up. I love how he held our son close, always making sure his lil head was supported. I love how Jason helped me pick out an urn, and carried our son home and settled him safely. I love that he remembers our sons with me, that he says their names and keeps their memories alive. I love how Jason holds me close & heals my heart when I’m missing our little guys. And above all I love Jason’s optimism, his pure faith that God will provide, that we will be able to have living children & build a family.

I love Jason for these reasons, and so many more. I’ve loved him from the day we met but this year, that love has changed. I never imagined how seeing Jason father our children could make me love him even more. I couldn’t fathom how that love would multiply because our babies are in Heaven. So today and every day, I make sure that Jason knows exactly how I feel. And I praise the Lord for bringing Jason into my life.

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone, single or not. Today is about love, all kinds of love at all different stages. Take time to enjoy that love, to hold it close and appreciate it for what it is. True love, pure love, unconditional love. Love love love.

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